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Youth Services

By collaborating with families, schools and community partners, we mentor at-risk youths to be meaningfully engaged in school or work. Our programmes focus on prevention, transformation and restoration because every youth deserves a second chance

Build self-identity and personal development during adolescence  


Promote positive behaviour and social skills

Reintegrate youths as active members in the community  

Our services

Adolescent Development in Education (Ages 9 to 16) 


Collaborating with schools to provide customised preventive programmes to constructively  engage youths

Engaging Adolescents on the Fringes (Ages 12 to 19)

Performing community outreach and restorative mentorship for youths who drop out of  school.

Transforming Young Offenders 

(Ages 13 to 17)


Assisting youths in finding solutions to their problems (through social casework) and run  rehabilitative programmes to reintegrate them back into the community.


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