Be a changemaker with Care Corner today!

As a volunteer, you connect our programmes to beneficiaries, build meaningful relationships and create direct impact in the community. We journey with our volunteers through volunteer trainings, feedback sessions and appreciation celebrations.

With the support of passionate volunteers like you, we are truly able to bring care to every corner in Singapore.

You may refer to our Code of Volunteer Partnership here

Volunteering Opportunities

SG Cares Volunteering Opportunities

Care Corner Singapore is appointed as the

  • SG Cares Volunteer Centres @ Tampines, Toa Payoh & Woodlands
  • SG Cares Youth Corps Development Team

We aim to develop volunteers, curate meaningful volunteering opportunities and facilitate sustainable partnerships to meet our community's needs.

More volunteering opportunities

Hear from our Volunteers!

Linda Tan

You don’t need prior experience to help, you just need to have the heart to get started.

Volunteer with Neighbour Cares, a programme that looks out for isolated seniors and befriends them

Hannah Lee

Through KidsCount, I was able to help these children ‘catch up’ with their peers. But beyond helping them improve in Maths, I think what was more rewarding was seeing them gain confidence and having a joy for learning. These benefits are more lasting and life-long.

Volunteer Leader in KidsCount, a numeracy programme for Primary 1 to 3 children who have developmental gaps.

Tan Jing Yi

I am heartened when I know the seniors are enjoying my company and benefiting from what I do. It gives me a sense of fulfilment and encourages me to volunteer even more.

Volunteer with Care Corner Senior Services