Together We RISE - An Evening of Appreciation

Programme Flow

6:30 pm         Registration + Touring of Exhibition

7:45 pm         Commencement of Evening's programme

8:00 pm         Arrival of Guest-of-Honour

                        Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister for Finance

8:05 pm         Opening: 40 Years Journey

8:12 pm         Opening Speech by Chairman

8:20 pm         Speech by Minister Lawrence Wong

8:40 pm         Presentation on Children's work

8:49 pm         Presentation on Mental Health and Counselling's work

9:06 pm         Presentation on Seniors' work

9:18 pm         Presentation of Appreciation to Partners

9:30 pm         Presentation of Portrait of Love

9:49 pm         Closing Speech by CEO

9:59 pm         Closing Item

10:07 pm       Emcee close

10:10 pm       End of Programme