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Together We RISE - An Evening of Appreciation

Together We RISE (TWR) is our annual signature fundraising campaign to rally and inspire public members to share kindness for empowering the community. Throughout the year, we co-create fundraising activities to support our service users from children, youth, family, seniors and mental health and counselling services.  

As we consistently reach out to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community, your contribution will help: 

  • Children from low-income families have a fair chance in education   

  • Youths-at-risk be guided and instilled with positive values

  • Families overcome interpersonal and everyday living challenges

  • Vulnerable seniors receive support for their daily necessities  

  • Individuals with mental health challenges receive timely counselling 

Care Corner Singapore is a registered Institution of a Public Character (IPC). All donations $10 and above will be eligible for 250% tax-deduction on the donated sum (from now till 31 December 2023).

Methods of giving  

Support our causes through the crowdfunding platform.  

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If you believe in our cause and are inspired to raise funds for the community,

you can kickstart your own fundraising campaign with  


  • Create an account with 

  • Name your campaign and fill in as much relevant details as you can 

  • Receive a confirmation email from us  

  • Publish your campaign 

  • Rally your friends and family to champion your cause 

PayNow or Internet Bank Transfer 

For donations via PayNow or internet bank transfer, please complete the Donation Form and follow the steps to complete your donation.

Cash or Cheque

  • In support of Children, Youths, Families, and Focused Intervention, please address your cheque to 'Care Corner Singapore Ltd'.​

  • In support of Senior Activity Centre, Active Ageing Hub and Social Day Care, please address your cheque to 'Care Corner Seniors Services Ltd'. 

Kindly proceed to the Donation Table at the back of Grand Ballroom with your cash donation or cheque, our staff will assist you further. To speed up your donation process, you may complete the e-Donation Form while waiting.

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