Transforming Young Offenders
(Ages 13 to 17)

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Youths aged 13 to 17 are trying to make sense of the world, resulting in undertaking risky behaviours and falling on the wrong side of the law.    


By guiding youths away from the justice system through casework, group therapy and family work programmes, we aim to

  • Effect positive change in their development  

  • Provide a safe platform for transformation and rehabilitation  

  • Bridge different community partners together to support youths

Our services 


Enhanced Step-up Programme 

We strengthen social and emotional resilience in students who have high absenteeism rate and at risk of dropping out of school.  


Guidance Programme 

We equip youth offenders with essential life skills to improve their social behaviour and to prevent re-offense.  


Streetwise Programme  

We work closely with youths who have gang association to help change their development trajectory to a more prosocial behaviour. This 6-month voluntary, preventive and rehabilitative programme is highly intensive.  

Enhanced Streetwise Programme  

We work closely with youths who are low-risk offenders with gang involvement and with minor gang-related offences. This programme can be taken in lieu of prosecution to help transform their development trajectory.   



We provide intervention to access and identify risk levels and the appropriate services needed for juvenile offenders.  


I was able to go back to school with the support of my case worker. At the start of the year, I was unmotivated and lost interest in my school. With the encouragement of staff and interns, I was able to gain my interest and return to school more regularly.  

Male, age 13  

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