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Family violence protection provides integrated services for family abuse victims, including couples (married, cohabiting and dating), children, elderly; and promote healthy relationships in the community. The safety plan focuses on the things you can do in advance to be better prepared to respond should there be an escalation of tension or an incident of violence. 

Plan for your safety  


Begin by looking at your situation and assessing what you can do to help you feel safer. 

  • Reduce interactions with the abuser and keep communication minimal 

  • Identify a safe place at home (e.g., the toilet or a room you can lock) 

  • Stay connected so that you can call for help and others can contact you 

  • Plan where you can go and leave the home when it is safe to do so (Go to a trusted neighbour, relative or friend’s home) 

  • Should violence recur, go to a police station or a nearby Family Service Centre for assistance 

  • Pack an emergency bag and keep it somewhere safe 

  • Share with a trusted person about the family situation and seek the person’s support to check in on your wellbeing frequently 

Prepare an emergency bag  

In case of danger, be prepared to leave your home with the necessities. Your emergency bag could contain: 

  • Some form of identification (e.g., IC, work permit, passport and birth certificate)

  • Money, bankbooks, credit and debit cards 

  • Keys for house and car (Get an extra set of keys made) 

  • Prescribed medication 

  • Clothing and toiletries  

  • Documentation of the abuse (e.g., police report and court order) 

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