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What is family violence? 

Family violence is abuse committed by one to another in a family, endangering the safety and wellbeing of a family member. The violence can take different forms, including physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, financial and neglect. It can also take place within various family relationships, such as between husband and wife, parent and child, and siblings.  

How do I know if I am in an abusive relationship? 

  • They check my phone messages and restrict who I talk to 

  • They control where I go, what I wear or who I meet 

  • They put me down and call me names 

  • They threaten to hurt me or themselves if I do not follow the demands 

  • They would throw items, bang the doors or raise their voice towards me  

  • They deny the abuse happened or minimise the seriousness of the incident  

  • They blame me or people important to me for the abuse 

  • I feel like I am walking on eggshells at home, being anxious of when they will explode 


What you can do   

Family violence does not just affect families. It is against our collective societal value of how an individual should be treated. We have a civic responsibility to ensure everyone is safe from family abuse in the community. If you know a relative, friend, colleague or neighbour who is in an abusive relationship, express your concern and encourage them to speak to our social worker.

Seek help from the police 

Call 999 for the police or go to your nearest neighbourhood police post or centre.  

Seek medical examination or treatment  

You can seek medical attention at your nearest hospital.

Go to a social service agency  

Call us 6476 1482 (weekdays 10am to 5pm) or go to the nearest family service centre if you need someone to talk to. Social workers will confidentially address your concerns and discuss ways to keep you safe.

Seek temporary shelter 

If you need to leave your home immediately, you can seek shelter with your trusted relatives or friends. If that is not possible, a social service agency or the police can provide you with information on alternative shelter options.

Apply for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) 

A PPO is an order restraining the abuser from committing family violence against you or your family. We assist in your PPO application with the Family Justice Courts. If you are below 21, you will need a parent, guardian or an appointed social worker to apply on your behalf. To apply for a PPO, call us at 64761482 or head down to the Family Justice Courts.  

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