Care Corner Youth Services support adolescents who are displaced or disengaged from systems (family, school etc.). These adolescents sometimes lack access to resources that can help them flourish and achieve their potential. 

Our team of youth workers engages and befriends them in their preferred environment to draw out their concerns and better understand their needs. Through our engagement, we aim to spark a positive trajectory in their development, empowering them to reach their educational and employment goals.  

Using different methods and mediums, we also help them to discover new interests. Some examples include: 

  • Sports-based outreach helps youths become confident individuals through sports, outdoor educational activities and skills training
  • Community-based outreach YouthGO! provides intervention and positive engagement for youths exposed to moderate to high-risk conditions

Establish strong networks of social support for adolescents to support them in education and/or employment

Promote meaningful engagement for adolescents through relevant platforms

Form strategic partnerships with key community stakeholders to increase access to resources for adolescents with needs

Ways We Support

Engagement on the Streets

Our youth workers head out into the streets and the community, as we believe in meeting adolescents where they are, to engage them in their natural groups and environments.

Our approach:

  • Intentional outreach to hotspot areas in the community where adolescents spend their time
  • Use of different mediums (e.g. sports, arts) as conversation starters to identify risks, needs, and strengths to support adolescents
One-to-One Sessions

Adolescents can receive targeted coaching and mentoring from our youth workers, customised to their identified risks and needs. Our youth workers further support them by:

  • Sharing specific resources for support and guidance
  • Providing socio-emotional support
  • Facilitating referral to other community services
  • Promoting life skills and developmental needs
Community Partnerships

We form strong partnerships with different community stakeholders to support our adolescents who may be displaced or disengaged to encourage lasting change and healthy developments. 

Our approach: 

  • Working alongside adolescents’ families, peers, and educators to support relationship-building and safe environments for adolescent development
  • Developing engagement and employment opportunities with other organisations and agencies in the community


If you would like your adolescent to receive support from us, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your adolescent’s needs, hangout patterns, and ways to reach out to your adolescent.


We met Jackson* on the streets of Tampines, and learnt that he had entertained thoughts of joining a gang. He used to think that joining a gang would give him a sense of identity and power. Through regular outreach to Jackson including fishing trips, our youth workers supported Jackson in processing these thoughts and used Jackson’s goals as a motivational force to help him stay on-course instead of getting involved in illegal activities. With guidance and support, Jackson decided not to join a gang for the time-being. 

*Name has been changed to protect service user’s identity

Jackson’s Care Corner Youth Worker, Jackson joined the programme when he was 18 years old

I am thankful that someone actually cares about me enough to dissuade me from joining a gang.

Jackson, Service User, he was 18 years old when he joined the programme

Looking back, I would be in jail of living in a wayward manner if not for youth workers from Care Corner!

Alan, Service User, Care Corner Youth Services

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