Transitions during the adolescent phase can be challenging. For some, these challenges steer them towards running afoul of the law and may result in them committing minor offences. 

Our youth workers provide opportunities for adolescents to be diverted away from the juvenile justice system and lead a crime-free and meaningful life. These are done through having 1-1 casework and group sessions with adolescents, family members and other significant persons whom they engage with.

Provide a safe, transformative environment for rehabilitation and restoration of young offenders

Effect positive change in the adolescent’s development as they gain awareness of themselves and their choices

Coordinate help among community partners to address adolescents’ needs holistically

Ways We Support

Assisting youths through rehabilitative programmes and to be active contributors in the community

Triage Interview

We conduct interviews with adolescents who have committed minor offences to connect them to suitable  services  to support their needs and refer them to relevant community agencies.

Community-based programmes run by Care Corner Youth Services include the Guidance Programme (GP), Streetwise Programme (SWP) and Enhanced Streetwise Programme (ESWP). 

This interview takes place alongside ongoing police investigations.

Guidance Programme (GP)

A pre-court diversionary programme for adolescents who have committed minor offences (e.g. vandalism, theft), and are mandated by the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to undergo community-based rehabilitation. We work together with their family, school and/or employers to provide holistic support for the adolescent, and to prevent re-offence. 

The programme aims to help adolescents:

  • Acquire life skills and practise self-control
  • Make responsible decisions and take responsibility for their actions
  • Manage negative peer influences
Streetwise Programme (SWP)

A voluntary, preventive and rehabilitative programme for adolescents with gang association to make a fresh start in life. Besides individual counselling, we also work with family, school and employers through a series of group work and family counselling sessions.

Session topics include emotional management, managing negative peer influences and challenges in different aspects of life.

Enhanced Streetwise Programme (ESWP)

A pre-court diversionary programme for youth offenders who play a minor role in gang-related offences, and are mandated by AGC to undergo community-based rehabilitation. Besides individual counselling, we also work with their family, school and employers through a series of group work and family counselling sessions to help them make a fresh beginning in life. 

Session topics include responsible decision making, impact of actions on others, emotional management and managing negative peer influences.


These programmes come under the purview of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), in collaboration with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and Singapore Police Force (SPF). Hence, referrals for these programmes can only be made through the SPF.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the adolescent / child will not be charged and will receive a police caution.

However, if he/she fails to abide by the conditions set by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and programme requirements, Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) could step in and decide to charge the adolescent in court.

  • Guidance Programme (GP): 6-months to 1-year 
  • Streetwise Programme (SWP): 6-months to 1-year
  • Enhanced Streetwise Programme (ESWP): 6-months to 1-year


Hafez* became more responsible and helpful at home after going through the 6-month Guidance Programme with Care Corner Youth Services. He takes up more responsibilities in the house, such as helping with chores and taking care of his siblings where required. 

Besides the changes in Hafez, I am also touched by how the youth worker from Care Corner provided end-to-end support. He didn’t just help my son, he helped my whole family. We are so grateful that with his help, we were able to get additional financial assistance, receive preloved appliances and furniture for our rental flat, and have ongoing post-programme care support even after Hafez’s case had ended. 

*Name has been changed to protect service user’s identity

Hafez’s mother, Hafez joined our programme when he was 14 years old

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