Care Corner Youth Services reach adolescents through social media to share positive messages and provide an avenue for them to reach out if they have any concerns.

Our social media platforms for adolescents include:

Pro-social content within the cyberspace that inspires and supports the development of our adolescents

Provide adolescents with easy access to help and support via social media platforms 

Quick responses by our dedicated team of youth workers for help-seeking adolescents

Ways We Support

Social Media Posts

Carefully curated by our youth workers, our posts focus on topics and content that are highly relevant to our adolescents. 

Topics range from popular culture, to special events of the month. We also do giveaways and shoutouts to provide a positive engagement platform on Instagram.

DMs and Conversations

Just a DM away — Our team of youth workers encourage adolescents to message us on Instagram (@youthxcarecorner) if they need advice or encouragement on different matters. 

We also support them in the challenges they may face in their daily lives by providing them tips and resources available in the community.

Mental Health for Youth (INSIGHT)

Our INSIGHT team of counsellors provide assessment, therapeutic intervention and emotional support to adolescents.

Adolescents can reach out to our counsellors and learn about mental wellbeing tips through:

To find out on how else we support youths in improving their mental health, read more at Mental Health for Youth (INSIGHT).

Carey - Your Mental Health Buddy

Carey is an online platform that offers 24/7 mental health care access to help-seekers aged 13 to 25 years old and their caregivers. If you are unsure about whether you need to seek professional help for how you are feeling, Carey can assist.

Through a mental health screening tool, Carey will direct you to the support you need, such as:

  • Scheduling free and confidential mental health check-in with our trained counsellors who specialise in youth mental health
  • Self-help tips and resources
  • Helping you better care for your loved ones through a phone consultation with counsellors

With Carey, you are never alone. Enter Carey’s world here.

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