Many of our adolescents who have unfavorable past experiences or struggles with various issues can find it difficult to attend school regularly. 

We believe that there are many pathways for adolescents to thrive and excel. At Care Corner Youth Services, we seek to journey with them, explore their motivations to return back to school or consider vocational training. 

Our intervention programmes also aim to address issues that school-going adolescents may face to facilitate improved school attendance and engagement.

Increase access to social and emotional support in school, family and/or in the community

Support autonomy and identity formation as adolescents navigate the challenging adolescent phase

Use adolescent development approaches to engage, connect and effect changes

Ways We Support

The Enhanced STEP UP (ESU) programme is a 12-month intervention programme that seeks to support adolescents with absenteeism issues.


Every adolescent wants to be heard. By building a relationship with the adolescents and gaining a better understanding of their needs, we explore what is significant to them and how they may have been impacted by past unpleasant experiences. 

This allows us to better journey with the adolescents, make informed decisions on plans ahead and explore alternative options if desired.

Resources & Opportunities

For adolescents who are interested in exploring vocational training and/or employment opportunities, we help link them with relevant resources and agencies. These opportunities can enable them to thrive and find a renewed sense of purpose.


Integrating back to schools after a long hiatus can be daunting. To facilitate a smoother transition for the adolescent, we work with key school personnel to explore options on helping them reconnect with the school and peers.


This programme comes under the purview of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). 

To be eligible for ESU, the child/adolescent must be:

  • A Singapore citizen/PR below 21 years old
  • A student in an approved learning institute* with an absenteeism rate of 20% or more
  • Adolescents who have school or place of residence in the north region (Marsiling, Woodlands, Sembawang)
  • Not in MOE’s GEAR-UP Programme, other MSF-funded programmes or under a Court Order

*The learning institute is an MOE school, including autonomous schools, independent schools, specialised schools and ITEs.

The adolescent / child can still be referred to ESU if he/she exhibits absenteeism issues and fulfills the criteria listed above. However for other regions, do contact the Integrated Service Providers (ISPs) in your area. Alternatively, you can reach out to us and we can link you up with the designated agency.


I used to be afraid of the world. I would isolate myself in my home everyday. I didn’t have many friends and felt lonely. Through ESU, I was introduced to a vocational training programme. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I started making a lot of friends and I even found myself a new hobby. Nothing will happen if I stay still, but if I try, I can make things happen!

15-year-old Service User, Enhanced STEP-UP Programme

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