Adolescence presents a second window of opportunity for the development of key life skills and executive function skills, which have been proven to be crucial for success in adulthood. 

As this window of opportunity also signals increased capacity among adolescents to learn, we believe that providing them with a supportive environment and positive experiences can lead to healthy adolescent development.

By collaborating with schools, parents and community partners to identify areas of need, Care Corner Youth Services deliver customised preventive programmes to equip students with the resources to fulfil their educational goals.

One of the key programmes which targets learning capabilities is MindBlown, a 4-year adolescent development programme that focuses on promoting executive functioning and life skills in adolescents.

Build capabilities of adolescents and their eco-systems of care such as parents, school and community

Evidence-informed and research-based pedagogy used to drive adolescents’ learning

Cultivate a positive environment for adolescents through strengthening their relationships across key support systems

Ways We Support

Workshops for Adolescents

We conduct experiential, hands-on, and process-based workshops for adolescents to promote the use and practice of executive function skills. 

Areas covered in workshops:

  • Understanding my adolescent brain
  • Exploring significant adolescent experiences
  • Application of executive function skills
Workshops for Parents

We gather committed parents to exchange insights on parenting and contribute to a community of learning.

Areas covered in workshops:

  • Importance of showing up for adolescents
  • Strategies to drive learning among adolescents
  • Strategies to promote an autonomy-supportive environment
Family Coaching

Our team of coaches meet with parent-adolescent pairs to customise the learning from the workshops to their unique contexts, and to support them in achieving their goals.

Professional Development for Educators

We partner educators to encourage the application of good practices learnt from the workshops to the classroom, as well as to encourage an autonomy-supportive environment within schools. 

Educators can look forward to:

  • Gaining increased awareness on the developmental phase of adolescence
  • Exchanging insights and knowledge on the conditions required to support adolescents’ learning experience in school 
  • Working closely with parents and the community to provide a supportive environment for adolescents


Executive function refers to the mental processes that enable us to manage our thoughts, actions and emotions to achieve goals. It involves:

  • Cognitive flexibility to adjust to changes and consider other perspectives
  • Working memory to retain and manipulate pieces of information 
  • Inhibitory control to set priorities and resist impulsive actions or responses

Higher executive function skills have been linked to success in school and in life. It has been shown to be even more important than IQ for future success. While science tells us that developing these essential executive function-based life skills are critical in the preschool years, they can be developed throughout life: it’s never too late!

We highly recommend that MindBlown as a programme is conducted with all the components in mind. However, if you are looking for something to be conducted over a shorter duration, we can discuss further to bring the MindBlown experience to your students in a customised manner. 


The MindBlown programme is critical for students who missed out on developing key life skills at an earlier age. Some kids may not have had the right conditions to develop these skills at the first phase, so this is another opportunity for them to work on these skills. 

Madam Komathi Kesavan, Former Vice-principal of Woodlands Ring Secondary

Azlina was a very shy student and was not confident about making friends. She was uncertain about voicing her opinions and sharing her perspectives. Thus, speaking in front of crowds was a nerve-wrecking experience. Through MindBlown, Azlina was encouraged to achieve her goal of being a peer support leader in her school. Having achieved this goal, she also reflected that her self-confidence had increased tremendously. 

Azlina’s Care Corner Youth Worker

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