Mental health is important at every stage of our lives. As people age, we face difficult transitions and stressful life events such as coping with loss of loved ones, loneliness and health. 

Recognising the signs and seeking professional help are the first steps to getting treatment. Yet, some do not know where to seek help. At Care Corner, we are constantly looking out for seniors who are in need of mental health intervention through our outreach programmes. 

Through our Gerontological Counselling programme, our eldercare-trained counsellors help seniors address and navigate their personal, social and psychological challenges. 

Our community outreach team, also known as Community Resource, Engagement & Support Team (CREST), focuses on raising public awareness of mental health conditions and dementia, promotes early recognition of at-risk individuals, provides emotional support to individuals and their caregivers and links individuals to relevant health and social care services where necessary.

Promotes early recognition of mental health conditions through mental health screening and outreach

Specialised counsellors to support seniors through life challenges and gain resilience 

Collaborate with healthcare and community care partners to enhance mental health support and resources for seniors

Ways We Support

Counselling Support

Our Gerontological Counselling Unit offers centre-based and home-based counselling support for older adults facing difficult transitions in their lives.

Our gerontological counsellors are trained to support older adults facing difficult life challenges. We listen and understand the seniors’ unique situation, allowing us to assess their needs and work towards providing them better care and support.

These sessions can take place at our centres or at the comfort of the seniors’ homes. 

Suitable for Singaporean or Permanent Residents aged 55 years and above: 

  • Staying in Toa Payoh, Novena, Marsiling or Woodlands
  • Living alone and/or has weak family support
  • Requires counselling and/or facing any of the circumstances below:
    • Death of loved ones
    • Loss of health
    • Loss of relationship e.g. dispute, change in place of residence 
    • Loss of mobility/freedom
    • Loss of job security

Contact us at 6258 6601 or for more information.

Community Resource, Engagement & Support Team (CREST)

Through outreach and public education, our team aims to be the community safety net for older persons at risk of/diagnosed with mental health conditions e.g. depression/dementia. 

CREST is a community-based programme that aims to serve as a community safety network for people with and/at risk of depression, dementia and other mental health conditions.

Our CREST community outreach team supports seniors through:

  • Outreach and education: Increase awareness of mental health conditions and dementia to residents and caregivers in the region
  • Mental health screening: Help identify signs and symptoms of mental health conditions and dementia early. Our team will conduct home visits to follow-up and monitor the seniors’ health
  • Holistic and integrated care: Basic emotional support, monitoring, service linkage and conducting meaningful activities for seniors and caregivers
  • Collaboration with health and community care partners: Enhance support to seniors by linking them to relevant healthcare and social assistance, and resources
  • Dementia Friendly Initiatives (DFIs): Create an inclusive environment to increase awareness of dementia and better support persons with dementia and their caregivers
  • Caregiver Support: Provide resources they need to continue caring for their loved ones at home and in the community. If you’re a caregiver of persons living with dementia, find out more about our Caregiver Support groups and talks

Suitable for Singaporean or Permanent Residents:

  • Staying in Toa Payoh
  • At risk of / Diagnosed with mental health conditions and require support in the community
  • Caregivers requiring mental health support 

Contact us at 6258 6601 or for more information.


If you know a relative, friend, colleague or neighbour who is in need of mental health support, express your concern and encourage them to contact their nearest CREST. 

You may also contact CREST if you observe signs such as:

  • Forgetting the way home 
  • Isolation at home 

Contact us at 6258 6601 or for more information.

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