Care Corner Senior Group Homes (SGH) enables low-income seniors with little or no family support to co-reside in designated HDB rental flats retrofitted with elder-friendly features.

Based on an assisted-living model, seniors also receive community-based support and access to a range of social services through our team. 

This allows seniors to live independently and age well in place within their community. Seniors are also encouraged to provide mutual support to one another. 

Provide a safe space for low-income seniors to live independently within the community

Build strong ties and support network among residents

Coordinate care and provide easy access to social and healthcare services

Ways We Support

Monitoring and Support Services

Our team provides basic monitoring and support services for residents to maintain overall wellness and ensure their safety within the homes. 

These include educating, and assisting the residents to monitor their own health status and keeping track of their medical appointments e.g. blood pressure and/or glucose monitoring, medication reminders.

Care Coordination Services

Our team assists residents in accessing social and healthcare services to ensure that their care needs are adequately addressed. This includes provision of meal services, home personal care, home nursing, assistance with hospital admissions, medical escort and counselling services. 

Where necessary, social workers may be assigned to provide basic counselling and referrals to appropriate services in the community.

Living Environment with Elder-friendly Features

Furnished with modern furniture fittings and equipped with wheelchair-friendly facilities, our homes allow seniors to move around safely. These include grab bars and wheelchair-friendly access. 

Each resident is assigned a bed upon admission and will co-live with another same gendered resident. Within the unit, each resident will have his/her own single bed and cabinet to keep their personal belongings. Kitchen, dining area and toilet are shared space and residents will share common appliances such as TV, fridge and induction cooker.


Seniors must fulfil these criteria to be eligible:

  • Singapore citizens aged 60 years and above (Singapore permanent residents would be considered on a case-by-case basis subject to HDB’s approval on rental housing eligibility)
  • Assessed to have little or family support; or at risk of social isolation
  • Assessed by medical professional to be Category II using Resident Assessment Form (RAF) with scores from 7 to 24 points
  • Certified by a medical doctor to be fit for communal living and/or participation in communal activities
  • Existing HDB rental resident or eligible for HDB Rental Housing

Care Corner has 2 Senior Group Homes located in Woodlands and Marsiling. 

Seniors may be allocated to either one-room or two-room HDB rental units. Each one-room rental unit may house 2 to 3 seniors; each two-room unit may house 3 to 4 seniors. This arrangement allows seniors to provide mutual support to one another.

Each resident is charged a monthly fee of $70 (deducted through GIRO) for his/her stay at SGH. Upon admission, a 1-month deposit and 1-month monthly fee is payable by the resident. 

The monthly fee is inclusive of rental, service and conservancy charges, utilities (usage capped at $36/mth) and cleaning supplies. For utilities charges of more than $36/mth, we will deduct the additional charges through GIRO or collect cash payment from the resident.

The SGH fees are heavily subsidised. Should residents require additional financial support, we will refer them to the regional Social Service Office for ComCare Assistance.

You may contact us at 6570 3919 or to enquire. 

Alternatively, you may approach any of the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) Link locations for more information and application for Senior Group Homes. 

All applications have to be submitted via AIC. Seniors are required to attend a pre-admission interview (online or in-person) and an on-site assessment to assess their suitability for SGH admission.

The Senior Group Homes are not staffed in the evenings or on weekends, unlike institutionalised care e.g. Nursing Home. Residents are encouraged to look out for one another and provide mutual support. They may contact their next-of-kin or emergency hotlines should they require urgent help.

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