Every child deserves a good start in life and equitable opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. Yet, research has shown that children from underprivileged families have poor access to resources and networks, and achievement gaps can start as early as from birth. 

By investing in early preventive and developmental support for preschool aged children, we can address issues of social inequality and mobility, and make a lifelong difference.

Care Corner aims to provide holistic support for children from underprivileged families as early as possible through our two main programmes:

  • Circle of Care: Supported by Lien Foundation and Quantedge Foundation to pioneer and advocate for child-centric, evidence-informed practice in preschools
  • KidSTART: Appointed as the Social Service Agency anchoring KidSTART in the Woodlands and Sembawang regions, to provide support to children 6 years and below from low-income families

Child-centric support to ensure that underprivileged children are supported holistically through key transitions in their developmental years and given equitable opportunities to develop their unique potential

Preventive and developmental focus to reach out to underprivileged children and their parents as early as possible to promote healthy functioning

Interdisciplinary approach that involves key partnerships and collaborations amongst parents, social workers, healthcare professionals, educators, as well as volunteers, to foster a sustainable ecosystem of care for our children

Ways We Support

Parental Engagement

Through home visits and workshops, we engage with parents:

  • To raise awareness of child developmental milestones relating to health, learning, social and emotional aspects
  • To set achievable goals centred on children’s developmental and learning needs 
  • To acquire and apply parental knowledge and skills, which develops their confidence in parenting
Executive Function-Based Life Skills

Higher executive function skills have been linked to success in school and in life. It has been shown to be even more important than IQ for future success. Science tells us that developing these essential executive function-based life skills are critical in the preschool years.

We promote executive function-based life skills through:

  • Family coaching with parents and children to promote essential executive function-based life skills that enhance working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control
  • Supporting children to apply executive function-based life skills in their daily routines and to build their confidence towards being self-directed and engaged learners
Home-school-community Partnerships

We form strong partnerships among preschool principals, teachers and parents to ensure that our children are adequately supported both in class and at home. It allows for close collaboration across settings and timely follow-ups on the child’s development and learning needs.

Integrated Care Plans

To develop holistic integrated care plans for our children, our team of multi-disciplinary professionals including educators, healthcare professionals, educational therapists and social workers gather to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge of each child in different settings.

We ensure that these care plans are feasible for parents, and support them with the knowledge and skills to work with the different systems in the community.

Transition to Primary School

The transition to primary school can be a stressful experience for both parents and children. We ease the process by: 

  • Guiding them as they prepare for transition to Primary 1, including support for primary school registration
  • Sharing parenting resources on healthy routines, emotions and relationships 
  • Working with parents and educational, healthcare and social work professionals to develop Holistic Development Profiles (HDP) of the children which can be shared with primary schools, ensuring continuity of support
Resources and Referrals

We provide referrals and linkages to different community partners and service providers, in order to ensure that families have timely access to resources needed for children’s basic needs and safety. 

This strong community partnership also allows us to foster a more integrated and supportive ecosystem of care for underprivileged children.


Research has shown that children from underprivileged families have poorer access to resources and networks and achievement gaps can start as early as from birth. These disadvantages negatively impact on the child’s holistic development, especially in their key early developmental years, and can have lasting effects that follow through to later stages of life. 

Investing in early preventive and developmental support for preschoolers is key to helping our children to achieve their fullest potential, especially those who experience challenging circumstances that set them at a disadvantage and prevent them from having an equitable start in life. 

Preventive and developmental support for children requires being proactive, and places an emphasis on strengthening and developing the capacities and capabilities of parents and children in their communities and daily lives.

The outcomes are thus not just to seek solutions to immediate issues, but to work well together in the community to empower parents and children with the skills, resources and confidence to take on challenges.

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