Care Corner provides specialised learning support intervention for children with developmental delays by helping them improve in their basic academic skills and cognitive functioning. These include children with the following challenges:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)   
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder   
  • Developmental Delay  
  • Dyslexia  
  • Dyscalculia  
  • Dysgraphia  
  • Dyspraxia  
  • Specific Language Impairment  
  • Sensory Processing Disorder 

All lessons are conducted by experienced Learning Support Educators. We adhere to MOE Curriculum and conduct lessons weekly in small group settings (up to 3 students) to ensure individual learning needs are addressed.

Affordable specialised learning support services, conducted by experienced professionals for children with learning difficulties

Provide consultation to help parents understand their children’s learning and behavioural difficulties, and equip them with the practical skills and strategies to address those difficulties


Innovative ways of engaging children with learning difficulties to learn and function better

Ways We Support

KidsReady (K1 to K2)

An intensive intervention programme that prepares children for primary school through building their literacy, numeracy and fine-motor abilities.

Special teaching methods include:

  • Learning through play
  • Multi-sensory teaching approach
  • Modification of instructional variables
  • Phonics/Pre-Phonics skills

Suitable for: Children attending preschool / Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) centres who need more support in literacy, numeracy, handwriting and fine motor skills

Sessions: Twice a week in small groups of no more than 5 children


Below are the standard fees* (excl. GST) before subsidies for the various programmes: 

  • KidsReady (per month): $480
  • In-house Placement Assessment (per subject): $40

*Subject to changes

If your child does not have a formal diagnosis by a medical professional or a psychologist, and you would like to enrol your child in our programme, please contact us at any of our LSN centres for further assistance.

Our Learning Support Educators have the minimum qualification of a degree or diploma in Special Education, Dyslexia Studies, Psychology, and/or Learning Disorders Management. They have experience (at least 4-5 years) working with children with various learning difficulties, needs, and conditions. 

They strive to help the children achieve their full potential and excel in their everyday learning and living. 

For professional personnel who would like to refer a client, please complete the referral form.


My family has seen big improvements in Jordan’s condition. He is now able to concentrate better in class and his social skills have also improved. Jordan has also become more confident in school, and has been making small but steady improvements. It gave my husband and me hope and helped us ease a part of our anxiety. 

As a parent, I really hope that he can develop independence and take care of himself. That’s what I want most for him.

Grace Lau, Mother of Jordan Lau, Care Corner Learning and Special Needs Support

After attending 9 months of KidsReady‘ Programme for English and Math, my son has shown improvement in areas such as his handwriting, phonics, vocabulary and mathematics. He used to write some of the letters (eg. D/P/d/p) in the opposite direction. Now each alphabet is written correctly and more even-sized. He can also read out the phonics sounds and pronounce more words more accurately.

Thank you for your patience and for teaching my son to focus in class. After my son attended the ‘KidsReady’ Programme, I feel more at ease that my son is prepared for P1 next year. Really appreciate your teaching and efforts spent on my son.

Mdm Tan, mother of P1 boy attending ‘KidsReady’ programme 

Kevin has been with Care Corner since he was in K2. When he was diagnosed with dyslexia in P2, Care Corner never pushed him aside. The educators here patiently guide and support him with all the knowledge needed unconditionally. Building his confidence and skills to write and read are remarkable.

Watching him grow and develop in Care Corner was really emotional. I am proud to see his progress and achievements each year. From a child who used to throw tantrums every time we asked him to read and learn his spellings, he has now grown to be independent in finishing his homework on time. His passion to learn has also grown together in him. In P5, he was awarded ‘Best In Foundation Mathematics’ and this year, he was awarded ‘Best In Foundation Science’ and he ended his Primary School journey with great PSLE results.

Once again, I would like to extend thanks to all teaching staff who have taught Kevin from K2 till P6, of which I can recall, Ms Hazel and Ms Rebecca. Not forgetting all the non-teaching staff for all the support provided throughout 7 years.

Mother of Kevin (P6) who has been with Care Corner for 7 years

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