Our family counselling services aim to support individuals, couples, and families experiencing emotional stressors due to family-related issues. 

These issues could stem from strained relationships between married couples, siblings, parent-child and extended family members. Some examples include: 

  • Adjustment and transition into marriage 
  • Adjustment into extended or blended family 
  • Parenthood 
  • Separation or divorce transition 
  • Co-parenting 
  • Communication in relationships 
  • Coping with personal grief and loss
  • Remarriage 

By identifying challenges and needs of the various parties, we aim to help families resolve differences in ways that improve their relationships.

Help couples to resolve differences and improve their marital relationship

Strengthen family relationships and functioning

Support divorcing families and children to achieve stability and self-reliance 

Ways We Support

Family Relationship Counselling

Through encouraging open communication among family members, we help them:

  • Understand the issues causing conflict in the relationship
  • Work through issues to resolve the conflict
  • Strengthen communication within the relationship
  • Manage their emotions relating to family or marital stress/conflicts
Marital Counselling

We help couples improve their marriage by working through the issues and reasons for conflict. By exploring ways to reconnect, couples regain their trust and commitment to each other.

Discernment Counselling

We help couples navigate their marital decision when one or both individuals are contemplating divorce and are uncertain of their marital decision. Discernment counselling helps couples to have clarity and confidence in making a decision about the future of their marriage, based on a deeper understanding of what happened in their marriage and each person’s contribution to the problems.

  • Up to 5 weekly counselling sessions, each between 60 to 120 mins
Divorce Support Counselling

We support divorcing and divorced families in identifying challenges to resolve family relationship issues during and after the divorce process. By providing a safe place to work through co-parenting issues, we help divorced parents learn how to work together and buffer the impact of divorce on the children.

To provide holistic support to children and families, a multi-disciplinary team of counsellors, social workers, psychologists, mediators and play therapists work together to ease the divorce transition.

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