Divorce can be a difficult process, resulting in emotional turmoil, uncertainty and trauma. Through holistic support services, we encourage parents to adopt a child-centric approach to resolving conflicts and to develop healthy relationships within their families.

This is part of the Care Corner Strengthening Families Programme@FSC.

Help divorcing parents make informed decisions

Establish a cooperative co-parenting plan 

Ease the adverse impact of the parents’ divorce on children

Ways We Support

Family Counselling Services

We support you in identifying challenges to resolve family relationship issues during and after the divorce process.

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Therapy & Support Groups

​Helping you and your loved ones overcome trauma and mental health challenges 

We offer specialised therapies to divorcing and divorced parents and children below 21 who experience trauma, loss and mental health challenges. Our programmes’ duration is subject to the therapist’s assessment. 

For Children

  1. Play Therapy 
    • Support children who experience trauma and abuse
    • Address specific Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)-related symptoms
  2. Sand Play Therapy
    • Support children with difficulty verbalising their personal problems, feelings and anxieties at counselling sessions
    • Help children develop a sense of control and give them confidence to cope with challenges 

      For Parents/Grandparents

      1. Enlivened Hearts Women’s Support Group
        • Help divorcing and divorced mothers cope with loss, recover from the emotional trauma of divorce and adjust to a new phase of life
        • 4-session group therapy 
      2. Fathers-In-Transition Men’s Support Group
        • Help divorcing and divorced fathers cope with loss, recover from the emotional trauma of divorce and adjust to a new phase of life
        • 4-session group therapy 
      3. Grandparents’ Support Group (For adults) 
      Parent and Children Workshops 

      We journey with families during their transitory challenges before, during and post-divorce. We offer a range of child-centric and family-focused programmes for divorcing and divorced parents with children below 21.  

      Children-In-Between (CIB) Programme

      A skills-based workshop that will equip you and your children with ways to manage feelings and develop resilience during a divorce. This programme is mandated by the Family Justice Court and Syariah Court, and also on a voluntary basis. 

      Court Mandated Programmes

      We help families facilitate collaborative co-parenting.

      Mandatory Co-Parenting Programme 

      We provide guidance for parents who are divorcing under the Women’s Charter and are unable to agree on the terms of divorce. We help you to: 

      • Make an informed decision on divorce 
      • Prioritise your children’s interests with knowledge and awareness about the practical considerations of divorce (e.g., housing, finance and care arrangements)  
      • Understand the importance of positive co-parenting  

      Programme structure:  

      Parenting PACT Programme (PP) 

      Mandated by the Family Justice Court, this programme is conducted for divorced parents with children who are below 21 years old. 

      We help you to:

      • Understand the importance of positive co-parenting
      • Learn how to better manage your emotions and co-parent your children
      • Gain awareness of the community support resources available
      • Understand the impact of divorce on your children (i.e. a self-assessment to measure the early risk factors and to seek the necessary support)

      Programme structure: 

      • A 2-hour group consultation
      • Both parents are mandated by the Court to attend. Divorced parents who are required to attend this programme will receive a notification by post.

      Supervised Exchange and Supervised Visitation (SESV) Programme

      We provide a safe, supervised environment for divorcing and divorced parents to meet and interact with their children below 21 years old. 

      Through the SESV programme, we help you co-parent effectively and build secure parent-child relationships over time, without compromising your children’s personal and emotional safety. This helps you to work towards independent and amicable child access.

      A. Supervised Exchange  

      We provide a safe and supervised environment for both parents to drop off and pick up their children during handover. 

      • The duration and frequency of visits are determined by the Family Justice Court  
      • Each court order may be up to 8 sessions  

      B. Supervised Visitation 

      We provide a conducive space for children and their parents to interact by setting ground rules and safety measures in the centre.

      • The frequency of visits is determined by the Family Justice Court  
      • Each court order may be up to 8 sessions  
      • Duration is up to 2 hours per session subject to safety concerns 


      To summarise what I have been through for the past 8 weeks: the case worker and the staff are very helpful. The staff, especially Lena, was very helpful and gave me necessary support when I needed it. 

      Mr Khan, Service User

      I think one of Samantha’s strong points is she can empathise very well with my stress and pain, especially when I talk about my boy. I hope she can keep up the good work and continue to provide emotional support to others in distress. 

      Kwek, Service User

      I really appreciate the help given to me during my difficult time.

      C.H, Service User

      Friendly, helpful, timely.

      Ms Wong, Service User

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