Care Corner Community Case Management Service (CCMS) is a community-based service that helps vulnerable seniors and their caregivers who face difficulties in managing their multiple health and social care needs.

CCMS aims to facilitate community-based aged and social care services to meet the needs of seniors so that they can continue to stay in the community for as long as possible, therefore giving them a choice to age-in-place.

Case management services to address client’s holistic care needs, including medical, functional, behavioural and psychosocial needs using evidence-based guidelines in practice to promote and improve care outcomes

Navigate and coordinate social and healthcare services and community resources to address seniors’ and their caregivers’ needs and goals holistically

Advocating for the client’s best interest and improving the client’s quality of life and caregiver’s satisfaction

Ways We Support

Key features of Community Case Management Service include home visits to provide case management, emotional support, counselling, coordination of social and health care services, and support for caregivers to meet seniors’ social and health care needs.

Information and Referral

With an understanding of the senior’s needs and concerns, our social service professionals will share with them information about support services and community resources that can benefit them. 

We may also refer them to partner agencies to provide relevant support.

Care & Service Coordination

We ensure that the seniors’ care needs are adequately addressed e.g. meal delivery, medication/ medical appointment reminders, home maintenance, personal hygiene, social and active ageing activities.

Collaborating with healthcare providers and community partners, we ensure that seniors and their caregivers receive sustainable help and continue to age in the community.

Medical Escort

Community Case Mgmt Service partners with our trained volunteers to support clients who require help to attend their medical appointments.

Watch this video to see how our volunteer medical escort supports our seniors.


Through our Gerontological Counselling programme, we help seniors address and navigate their personal, social and psychological challenges. Common areas of focus include coping with the loss of a loved one, loneliness, unemployment, health and family relationships.

For more information, visit our page on Gerontological Counselling and Mental Health.

Mental Health Support

For clients or caregivers who may be distressed or require mental health support, our CREST team in Toa Payoh provides individualised care and support to help them better cope with their challenges. Clients or caregivers may present with symptoms that may include having problems sleeping or feeling tired easily, feeling sad, angry easily, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, frequent mood changes, loss of interest, withdrawal from social activities, difficulty concentrating, or thoughts of self-harm, etc.

For more information, visit our page on Gerontological Counselling & Mental Health > Community, Resource, and Support Team (CREST)


We provide case management services for clients who fulfil these criteria:

    • Seniors aged 60 years and above;
    • Resides in:
      • Central region: Toa Payoh, Novena
      • North region: Woodlands, Mandai, Sembawang, Yishun
    • Present with needs in Domain A and one other need in domain A, B or C.
    • Domain A: Psycho-social Constraints– No caregiver/caregiver issues (e.g. caregiver stressed and unable to cope, caregiver is unable to care for client); or
      – Family/ domestic issues (e.g. neglect, mistreated, abused); or
      – Social isolation/ low mood (e.g. withdrawal from interest and family, anxious, depressed or self-injurious ideation); or
      – Require review on environmental safety/  unstable housing arrangement (e.g. hoarding, cluttering, needs home improvement)
            • Domain B: Medical Complexities– Poorly controlled chronic condition(s)1 or advanced disease(s)2, which requires assistance and monitoring
              • Domain C: Functional Impairment– Physical or cognitive impairment affecting Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and/or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) or behaviour, which require coordination of services to remain in the community

                ** The six activities of daily living (ADL) set by the Ministry of Health are mobility, feeding, transferring, dressing, bathing and toileting.

                *** IADL includes the six daily tasks: Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, Medication Intake, Shopping, Use of Telephone and Finance Management.

                *Exclusion criteria:

                Seniors who present with the following are not be considered for CCMS:

                • Needs 24 hours care (e.g. bedbound) and has no caregiver; or
                • Uncontrolled psychiatric disorders and/or behavioural problems; or
                • Currently managed by other case management services.

                You may send in the referral through email and attach the referral form or contact us at 

                Please ensure that consent from senior and/or caregiver is sought before referring to us.

                You may download the referral form

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