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Mental Health Screening

Our confidential mental health screening enables you to recognise early signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. We discuss your mental health concerns, how it impacts different aspects of your life and how you have been coping. The screening can be conducted via these platforms:

•  Individual face-to-face session at our Counselling Hub   

• Online video and audio call 

• Phone call

With a better understanding of your situation and needs, we offer resources and support to equip yourself with necessary tools, knowledge and skills to manage your mental health.  In addition, we provide referrals to connect you with complementary services.  

To request for a mental health screening, please complete this form. We will contact you within 3 working days to schedule an appointment.

Group Therapy 


We conduct school and community-based group therapy to nurture youths to grow and live healthy, fulfilling and hopeful lives.  Through meaningful creative activities and experiential learning, our aim is to cultivate good mental health practices, build resiliency and develop growth potential in them.

The sessions conducted at your venue or at our counselling hub.

Email us for enquiries or other collaboration opportunities. 


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