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  • Helping youth improves mental health amid rising pressure (25 July) - see article

  • Engage more with seniors amid Covid-19 (20 July) - see article

  • Workshop to help caregiver grandparents to cope after grandchildren's parents divorce  (12 July) - see article

  • Fear of side effects a key reason why some seniors don't get a jab (28 June) - see article

  • Elder abuse cases drop to 96 last year from 127 in 2019 (15 June) - see article

  • 九成对年长者施虐者是家人 (15 June) - see article

  • Bored, restless seniors flout Covid-19 safety rules (6 June) - see article

  • More cases of psychological and emotional abuse seen amid Covid-19_MSF (4 June) - see article

  • Adulting 101 I didn’t want children. Now I have 2 (29 May) - see article

  • More divorces among couples who tied the knot in recent years (3 May) - see article

  • New community space for NPO to assist residents in northern Singapore (23 April) - see article

  • 三人小服務不同群體的非盈利組織將把辦公地點設在同一屋燃下協力 (23 Aprilsee article

  • Pelbagai program bantu warga luar rasa selesa dan diterima (22 April) - see article

  • Trend pasangan transnasional kian ketara (22 April) - see article

  • 義工陪伴融入本地生活關懷家之旅助外籍配偶尋找歸屬感 (22 April) - see article

  • Circuit Breaker anniversary: It's okay not to be okay (10 April) - see article

  • Helping Singapore's vulnerable youth through their love for fixed-gear cycling (3 April) - see article

  • Voiceless and vulnerable, elderly susceptible to abuse (30 March) - see article

  • Smart Parenting: Coping with learning needs (22 March) - see article

  • Experts call for more help for low-income families to meet kids developmental and health needs (23 February) - see article

  • Intervention programme has a positive impact on children from low-income families in Singapore (23 February) - see article

  • SPH volunteers give out fortune bags to elderly residents in Toa Payoh ahead of CNY (9 february) - see article

  • 华侨银行职员当义工    教60乐龄人士借科技与朋友“团圆” (3 February)- see article

  • How to co-parent well after divorce (18 January) - see article

  • 六个新社会服务伙伴加入东北综合关怀计划 帮弱势学生 (16 January) see article



  • Help your child bounce back from poor grades (11 November) - see article

  • Beyond ABCs Preparing Your Child for Pri 1 (6 October) - see article

  • Experts Tips on preparing children for Pri 1 (6 October) - see article

  • Students to learn how to guard against online predators under sexuality education revamp (9 October) - see article

  • Gara-gara media sosial...Orang muda pun boleh alami gangguan mental (8 October) - see article

  • Losing one's job takes a heavy emotional and mental toll (18 September) - see article

  • Program 'Difference in YOUth' bantu belia atasi masalah mental (11 September) - see article

  • Reaching out to those who have hit rock bottom (11 September)  - see article

  • Ah Boys To Men' actor Tosh Zhang shares about his experiences with mental health (11 September) - see article

  • You are not alone_is okay to ask help (Salt and Light) - see article

  • Youth.Sg: Learn how to tackle mental health concerns (10 September) - see article

  • 由乐龄活动中心和乐龄护理中心升级转型 乐龄综合服务中心明年面向所有年长者 (8 September) - see article

  • 全方位关怀老人家 (8 September) - see article

  • Young people stay strong in the face of stress (6 September) - see article

  • SnL: Children with learning difficulties Care Corner steps in to help low-income families (20 August) - see article

  • My teen won’t go to school! How to manage your child’s absenteeism (14 August) - see article

  • They are not forgotten (Salt and Light) - see article

  • Senior Activity Centres Zoom in on Virtual Care (6 August) - see article

  • Care Corner’s Circle of Care helps parents ‘manage’ their children (12 July) - see article

  • TNP: Expect adjustment issues as schools reopen fully (30 June) - see article

  • CNA: Sheila Sim's 36th Birthday Rally (29 May) - see article

  • Rise in domestic abuse cases as families forced to stay home (9 April) - see article

  • Concern over rising in domestic abuse as stay-home period kicks in (9 April)- see article

  • SnL: Social workers share how “journeying with clients far outweighs the challenges" (20 March) - see article

  • Starhub rolls out COVID-19 Initiatives (18 March)- see article

  • StarHub to offset 1 month's rent for 2000 lower-income seniors (18 March) - see article

  • NST: New Programme for youth with mental health issues to be piloted in Woodlands (6 March) - see article

  • CNA: Mental Health Support Service for At-Risk youths to be launched this year (5 March) - see article

  • SPH shares festive cheer with elderly (16 February) - see article


  • Tidak gerun terbang walau usia 82 tahun (2 August) - see article

  • Never too old to fly (2 August) - see article

  • Community esports competition uses gaming to promote mental health awareness (Asia-One) - see article

  • Volunteers who received guidance as teen now mentor with Care Corner (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Together We Rise - Community Carnival and Volunteers Day (Facebook/President Halimah Yacob) - see article

  • SPH brings cheer to seniors with 'fortune bags' (The Straits Times) - see article

  • The Circle of Care programme for disadvantaged children to be expanded (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Comprehensive Volunteer Center (zaobao) - see article

  • Centre to keep youth out of trouble opens in Tampines, Health, Health News - (AsiaOne) - see article

  • Early coordinated help for at-risk youths may be reaping rewards (Channel News Asia) - see article


  • 从零开始学习乐器演奏 21年长者集训五个月后 上台呈献圣诞表演 (23 December) - see article

  • Mandatory programme for divorcing couples with older kids (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Programme for divorcing parents helps put children first (The Straits Times) - see article

  • $13m to expand Circle of Care for disadvantaged kids (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Non-profit Care Corner raises over $650,000 (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Wider network, S$12m funding for programme supporting children from poor families (Today Paper) - see article

  • $92,800 raised for charity during Singapore Community Games (The Straits Times) - see article

  • UOB Heart Beat Lunar New Year (LianHe Zaobao) - see article

  • Special care for the special needs (The Straits Times) - see article



  • Drawing seniors out from their shells through art (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Care for at-risk children to include health screenings (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Investing at-risk kids from age zero to level them up (The Straits Times) - see article

  • SOS: More volunteers needed to lend an ear (The Straits Times) - see article

  • Talking to the seniors about the old age with nostalgia kit (The Straits Times) - see article

TV Features


  • Interview with Agnes, Care Corner Singapore Chief Service Officer (95.8 FM) - see feature

  • Interview with Counselling Centre (Channel 8) - see feature

  • Kanak kanak dari keluarga bergaji rendah miliki tabiat kesihatan lemah (Suria) - see feature

  • 狮城有约 | 十分访谈:弱势孩童支援网络 (Channel 8) - see feature

  • 狮城有约 十分访谈:弱势孩童支援网络 (Channel 8) - see feature