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As parents, you want the best for your children. How do you raise healthy and happy children? How do you pave the foundation for them to be successful in life? Our evidence-based parenting programmes equip you with the knowledge, tools and practical strategies for successful parenting and positive child outcome.  

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Foster a positive parent-child relationship

Build parenting confidence and competencies

Strengthen family dynamics for a happier and calmer family life

Promote positive child outcome (psychological, social and emotional competence) 

Our services

We work closely with schools and community agencies to deliver evidence-based programmes to support parents in Sembawang and Woodlands.      


Parenting Programmes

Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)

The Positive Parenting Programme is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programmes available. It is a parenting and family support strategy designed to prevent behavioural and emotional problems in children and teenagers. You will learn simple and practical strategies to help you 


  • Confidently manage your children's behaviour 

  • Prevent the development of behavioural and emotional problems 

  • Support your children through challenging transition years 

  • Build stronger and healthier relationships between you and your children 

Triple P Level 2 Seminars

A series of 3 seminars (2hrs each) designed to provide the foundational principles of positive parenting. Packed with ideas to help raising children easier.

Triple P Level 3 Individual Consultation Session

A series of 4 one-on-one sessions (45mins each) to help parents manage one or two specific behavioural problems.

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Triple P Level 4 Group Session

A series of 5 group sessions with 3 individual phone consultations to help parents learn a variety of parenting skills that can be applied to multiple contexts.

Triple P Online

An online interactive course for parents of children and teens. Curriculum includes videos, exercises, tips and activities. Learn at your own time and pace.

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Signposts Parenting Programme

Signposts for Building Better Behaviour is an evidence-based parent education programme that helps families develop strategies to manage or prevent problematic behaviours in children, including children with intellectual disabilities, developmental delays or other challenges. It emphasises encouraging appropriate behaviour in children, replacing problematic behaviours with appropriate behaviours and teaching children new skills.

  • Suitable for parents with children aged 6 to 12  

  • 5 small group sessions 


The programme has helped me improve my communication skills, implement rules, and guide my children in more effective and efficient ways.  It also improved relationships in the family.

Ms Koh, parent of Sec 1 child  

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Parenting Support

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