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Marriage Support
Transnational & Early Marriage 

Family Services   /  Marriage Support (Transnational & Early Marriage)

Healthy marriages are the foundation of family and society. Through education and mentorship, we help couples gain a better understanding of each other and journey towards an enriching marriage and family life. Our programmes are for transnational

and young (ages 18 to 24) couples.

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Prepare transnational and young couples for marriage 


Enhance marital relationships and improve communication


Support positive child outcomes


Support early marriage young couples on practical aspects of life

Facilitate integration of foreign spouses into the local family and community 

Our services

Our programmes are family-centric and community-based to build a strong and healthy marriage. They are conducted by Gottman-trained trainers using the Gottman Theory Framework. We help transnational couples navigate cross-cultural challenges and young couples prepare for family planning. 


Family Counselling Services 

Our counselling sessions are aimed at supporting individuals, couples and families who are experiencing challenges in the following areas:

  • Adjustment and transition into marriage 

  • Adjustment into extended or blended family 

  • Remarriage 

  • Parenthood 

  • Separation or divorce transition 

  • Co-parenting 

  • Communication in relationships 

  • Coping with personal grief and loss 


We help you resolve differences in ways that improve your relationships.

Where appropriate, couple and family meetings co-facilitated by a counsellor and mediator are conducted. 


For transnational couples (Singaporean and Non-Residents) 

Marriage Preparation Programme  

This group workshop is for transnational couples. We help you build a strong foundation for your family and understand practical issues you may encounter. 

We cover a wide range of topics, including 


  • Learning communication skills  

  • Managing conflicts  

  • Managing roles and expectations  


Marriage Support Programme 

This programme is for transnational couples.  We help you better settle into life in Singapore and know where you can access community resources. We cover a wide range of topics, including  


  • Enhancing relationship skills  

  • Navigating employment landscape 

  • Understanding financial management skills 

  • Understanding cross-cultural challenges 


Friendship Programme 

We familiarise foreign spouses with the practical aspects of Singapore culture and lifestyle. Our local volunteer buddies will mentor your wellbeing and help with a range of activities, including 


  • Settling into your living environment   

  • Guiding in daily activities (e.g., grocery shopping in the neighbourhood) 

  • Introducing community resources  

  • Navigating government systems 


Community Support Programme (Growing Every Moment)

We connect couples across all nationalities who have attended our programmes. Joined by their families, we visit local heritage sites and places of interest to understand the different cultures and widen circle of friends. We also provide other networking opportunities such as cooking workshops and parenting talks.  


This programme has helped us handle situations in our marriage that we sometimes cannot resolve if we had our old mindsets. Thank you. 


For young couples (Ages 18 to 24)     


Early Marriage Support Programme (Love Works)

This group workshop prepares young couples to explore their transitions to spouses and parents. We help you better understand each other, and provide practical skills to build a strong marriage and family. Attendees are referred from Registry of Marriages (ROM). We cover a wide range of topics, including  


  • Communication and conflict management  

  • Early parenting 

  • Financial management  

  • Family planning  

  • Managing roles and expectations 


Mentoring Programme  

We match volunteer couples with young couples to support their family’s wellbeing.  By identifying areas of needs, we connect you with relevant community resources to promote family building and positive child outcomes.  


The trainer made the session very comforting and easy to understand. He truly sees and hears the difference in the couple and provide suggestions to improve and work on. A very different experience.

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