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Our programmes are people-centric and community-based to support mental health challenges holistically. 

RITE (Resilience In The Everyday) 

RITE is an outreach and education initiative that aims to  

  • Increase mental health awareness and literacy 

  • Build resilience in individuals and families through public education 

  • Promote healthy habits for better mental health and overall wellbeing

Our outreach platforms are talks, forums, events, workshops, trainings and social media. Email us for enquiries or other collaboration opportunities. 



INSIGHTOUT is an outreach and preventive programme that aims to 

  • Promote good mental health and resilience 

  • Serve as a community safety net for individuals at-risk with mental health conditions and their circle of support (e.g., caregivers and peers)  

  • Increase mental health awareness and literacy to reduce stigma, and encourage help-seeking which is crucial for early care and recovery

Our offerings:  

This programme is open to individuals aged 13 to 25. Email us for enquiries or additional information. 

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