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Family Counselling Services

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Our counselling sessions create space and provides an opportunity for divorcing and divorced parents and their children below 21 to process the challenging issues they may face. We help you explore ways of managing and resolving practical, social and emotional difficulties.

We offer individual and family counselling sessions to help you 

  • Make an informed decision on divorce 

  • Come to terms with the grief and loss   

  • Resolve underlying conflict   

  • Achieve positive co-parenting 

  • Support children through the transition    

  • Regain stability and grow resilience

Divorce Counselling  


For couples who are separated, divorced or sharing custody of a child, the struggles of co-parenting can give enormous stressors. Co-parenting counselling encourages both parents to share responsibility for raising their children in a spirit that promotes cooperation, healing and growth. 


• Sessions are offered in-person at the centre or on an online platform  

• Each counselling session is at least 60mins 


Discernment Counselling 


We help couples navigate their marital decision when one or both individuals are contemplating divorce and are uncertain of their marital decision. Discernment counselling helps couples to have clarity and confidence in making a decision about the future of their marriage, based on a deeper understanding of what happened in their marriage and each person’s contribution to the problems.


• Sessions are offered in-person at the centre or on an online platform  

• Up to 5 weekly counselling sessions 

• Each counselling session is within 60 to 120mins

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Opening hours  

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday:   9am to 6pm  

Tuesday & Thursday:                     9am to 9pm  

Closed on Monday, Sunday & Public Holidays 

Consultation by appointment only 



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