Engaging Adolescents on the Fringes
(Ages 12 to 19)

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Youths aged 12 to 19 who are not doing well in the mainstream education system are marginalised for their chosen path, and lack access to resources that will help them flourish and achieve their potential. Through community outreach in their preferred environment and at their pace, we aim to  


  • Restore hope and purpose in their lives  

  • Spark a positive trajectory in their development  

  • Empower their educational and employment goals  


We work with them on a short-term basis between 6 months to 1 year, and connect them with various community resources to help them be meaningfully engaged on a long-term basis.

Our services


Street Outreach  

By understanding the evolution of youth’s trends, our experienced social workers befriend them in their preferred environment to draw out their concerns and better understand their needs. We use different methods and mediums to help them discover new interests they may not have previously realised.   


  • Sports-based outreach helps youths become confident individuals through sports, outdoor educational activities and skills training. 

  • Community-based outreach YouthGO! provides intervention and positive engagement for youths exposed to moderate to high-risk conditions.  


Cyber Outreach  

We reach youths through social media to share positive messages and provide an avenue for them to reach out if they have any concerns. E-sports engagement has been a favourable form of engagement based on their interest in online gaming.  


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