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Divorce Transition Support

Family Services   /  Divorce Transition Support

Divorce can be a difficult process, resulting in emotional turmoil, uncertainty and trauma. Through holistic support services, we encourage parents to adopt a child-centric approach to resolving conflicts and to develop healthy relationships within their families.  

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Help divorcing parents make informed decisions  


Establish a cooperative co-parenting plan  


Ease the adverse impact of the parents’ divorce on children 

Our services

We help you make informed decisions, and support your family to achieve stability and self-reliance during the transition of divorce.   


Family Counselling Services

Identifying challenges and needs to help you resolve family relationship issues


Support Therapy Services

Helping you overcome trauma and mental health challenges   


Adult & Children Programmes

Supporting families through transitory challenges before, during and post-divorce 

Court Mandated Programmes

Facilitating families to work towards independent child access through supervised exchange and visitation  

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Strengthening Families Programme@FSC

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Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays 

Consultation by appointment only 

Other family services

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Family Service Centres

 Helping disadvantaged individuals and families to overcome their life challenges

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Family Violence Protection

Providing integrated services for family abuse victims and promoting healthy relationships in the community

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Parenting Support

Collaborating with schools to provide customised preventive programmes for parents and children

Legal Marriage

Marriage Support

Assisting transnational and young couples to

build strong and healthy marriages


Divorce Transition Support

Encouraging a child-centric approach to resolve conflicts and develop healthy relationships within families



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