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Court Mandated Programme

Family Services   /  Divorce Transition Support  /  Court Mandated Programme

We provide a safe, supervised environment for divorcing and divorced parents to meet and interact with their children below 21. Through group workshops, we help you develop the necessary co-parenting skills for you to move towards independent and amicable access with your children. 

Supervised Exchange  


We provide a safe and supervised environment for both parents to drop off and pick up their children during handover. 


• The duration and frequency are determined by the Family Justice Court  

• Each court order may be up to 8 sessions  


Supervised Visitation 


We provide a conducive space for children and their parents to interact by setting ground rules and safety measures in the centre.  


• The frequency is determined by the Family Justice Court  

• Each court order may be up to 8 sessions  

• Duration is up to 2 hours per session (Unless a safety concern requires an early end) 


Mandatory Parenting Programme (MPP)  


We provide guidance for parents who are divorcing under the Women’s Charter and are unable to agree on the divorce or additional matters at the point of filing for divorce. We help you to 


• Make an informed decision on divorce 

• Prioritise your children’s interests with knowledge and awareness about the practical considerations of divorce (e.g., housing, finance and parent care arrangement)  

• Understand the importance of positive co-parenting  


Programme structure:  

• One group consultation workshop 

• Duration of 2 hours 

• Please apply through Ministry of Social and Family Development  


Parenting PACT Programme (PP)  


Mandated by the Family Justice Court, we conduct an in-court group workshop for divorcing parents or couples. If you have completed the divorce process, we empower you with the knowledge of  


• The importance of positive co-parenting

• How you can better manage emotions and co-parent your children

• Social support services available in the community

• How your children are coping (i.e., a self-assessment to measure the early risk factors and to seek the necessary support) 


Programme structure: 

• One group workshop  

• Duration of 2 hours 

• Both parents are mandated by the Court to attend 

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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