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Counselling Centre &
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Mental Health and Counselling Services  /  Counselling centre & toll-free Mandarin counselling hotline

Professional counselling and therapy have a profound impact on leading healthy and fulfilling lives. It provides the tools and insights to resolve personal, relationship, family, emotional and psychological challenges. 


We offer individual, couple and group counselling, with specialisation in children therapy, couple therapy, mental health and trauma recovery. 

Our services

Prevention and Relationship Education Programme (PREP)

PREP is an evidence-based marriage and relationship education programme for newlyweds and soon to be married couples. We adopt an interactive and skills-based approach for couples to build a long-lasting marriage.

  • Improve communication and problem-solving skills
  • Attain higher relationship satisfaction
  • Develop better conflict resolution skills

Forever Hold My Hands

Forever Hold My Hands is a group therapy workshop for married couples to enrich and revitalise their marriage through experiential activities and guided conversations. Our goal is to positively build trust and partnership in your marriage. Married for more than a decade, our trained counsellors for this workshop specialise in resolving couple issues and strengthening relationships. The sessions will help you

  • Rekindle the spark in your relationship
  • Rebuild your emotional connection and experience
  • Restructure your interactions as a couple

    Workshop details:
  • Sessions are offered in person at the centre (No scheduled dates due to Covid-19), Up to 7 sessions (4 main sessions + 3 follow-up sessions)
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm Group size: 6 to 8 couples

New Rainbow Support Group

New Rainbow Support Group is a safe space for married women struggling to recover from marriage infidelity. The trauma of an extramarital affair does not need to have a long-lasting impact on you, and your relationships with children and family. Our goal is to help you overcome your relationship crisis, heal from the trauma and move towards a new chapter in your life.

Our trained counsellors will guide you understand the triangular relationship (between you, your spouse and the third part) and the impact of the affair on your marriage. The support group sessions will cover topics, including

  • Avoiding the trap of a power struggle in the marriage
  • Learning appropriate responses to individuals involved in the affair
  • Learning appropriate responses to your children and family
  • Navigating your emotional pain and forgiveness
  • Overcoming mistrust Rebuilding self-esteem and self-worth
  • Understanding the intention for a hidden affair

    Workshop details:
  • Sessions are offered in person at the centre (No scheduled dates due to Covid-19), Up to 6 weekly counselling sessions (Wednesday evenings)
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Time: 7pm to 9.45pm
  • Group size: 10 – 12 female participants

Counselling Sessions  

Our counselling and therapy sessions are conducted in-person, over the phone and online via Zoom. We offer counselling support for 


  • Family relationships 

  • Grief and loss 

  • Mental health  

  • Marital relationships  

  • Children therapy  

  • Personal challenges   

  • Stress  

  • Trauma 


Group Therapy  

Toll-free Mandarin Counselling Hotline

As the largest Mandarin counselling hotline service in Singapore, we have been counselling service users in the community for over 30 years.  Our trained volunteer hotline counsellors provide support for individuals struggling with


  • Family dynamics 

  • Grief and loss 

  • Mental health challenges  

  • Personal challenges 

  • Pre-marital and marital issues

We are available daily from 10am to 10pm (excluding public holidays). Please call us at 1800 3535 800.  

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Saturday: 9am to 1pm 

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