Client stories

Image by Brett Jordan

Broken Not Shattered


Aisyah (22) is a post-graduate diploma student. She is blind, having lost her eyesight slowly over time. Struggling with multiple personal insecurities, the COVID-19 restrictions further fuelled her isolation and separation anxiety.


Providing a safe environment for guided reflections, counsellor Carolyn offered insights and various frames of mind on her challenges, reasoning out difficult emotions and behaviours.

“Carolyn provided me with positive affirmations and normalised my frustrations. After each session, I practised self-gratitude and repeated her reassuring words to myself. It has been helpful. So far, I have been managing my low self-esteem well.”

(Aisyah, service user from Counselling centre)

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Finding the hero inside you

Han Yi describes herself as one who is reckless and disobedient in her younger days. Due to a minor offence, she was mandated to join a 6-month programme in our Youth Services. Through the programme, Han Yi learnt how to deal with her deep-seated issues and insecurities, thus turning her life around. Subsequently, she joined our Youth Services programme where she took on the challenge to be a leader for her peers. Han Yi hopes her life can be a positive example and encouragement to those youths around her.

(Han Yi, service user from Youth Services)

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A better future for me and my family


Zamira first came to our Family Service Centre in 2013 for help in managing some of her issues. Over the past year, Zamira's home situation has stabilised, with her being able to cope and manage her children. Her long-term goal is to have a place of her own, where her children can grow up in a better environment and pursue their own careers.

(Mdm Zamira, service user from Family Services)

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Always look at the bright side of life

Mr Ali was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer at a young age, but continues to fight on with great attitude and optimism despite facing his personal challenges.He not only devotes himself in taking care of his family, he also avails himself to the community by using his talent at our Family Service Centre (Tampines). Together with his daughters, they made a coffee table using wooden planks and decorates the cafe with much excellence!

(Mr Ali, service user from Family Services)

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Finding purpose in your golden age


Madam Aminah has been a member of our Senior Activity Centre (SAC) since 2012. She was successfully connected to us through our door-to-door outreach. After becoming a member, Madam Aminah never fail to join us for weekly activities such as morning exercise, art and news announcement sessions. She also brings along her adorable grandson to our SAC whom we called the “youngest” member amongst us!

(Mdm Aminah, service user from Active Ageing Centre)