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Circle of Care (CoC) is an early childhood social work programme that focuses on the holistic development of children from less privileged backgrounds. Based in preschools, we journey with the children from infancy through age 9 by connecting parents, preschools, primary schools, and the community to create an integrated network of support for them.  

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Preschool-based early childhood social work intervention 


Strengthening children’s circle of care: home, school and community 

Preventive developmental support, with a focus on holistic development of the child  

Our approach is based on evidence-based practices and the latest research in neuroscience, social work and early childhood. We use an interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach, where children and families are supported within an integrated network. Members of the IDT include:

  • Social Workers  

  • Teachers and Principals 

  • Educational Therapists  

  • Health Specialists  

  • Community Partners and Volunteers 

Our services

We work closely with parents, preschools and the community to support the children through: 

Holistic Child Development

We focus on strengthening the children's holistic development by looking at their learning, health, relationships, emotions, and environment. This is done through social work engagement and programmes such as:

  • Health and Developmental Support Programme (HDSP) Together with doctors from NUHkids, the HDSP promotes healthy practices, early detection and intervention.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Support Programme (LNSP) Catered for preschoolers, LNSP builds literacy and numeracy skills needed for transition to primary school.
  • Primary School Transition Support We support the children's smooth transition by connecting their preschool and primary school educators and empowering their parents to prepare them for a new environment.

Enhancing Parenting Capacities & Life Skills

We provide support and resources for parents to reach their full potential. Our Social Work staff build relationships and walk alongside families as they raise young children. Drawing upon evidence-based approaches such as Executive Functioning based life skills, we strengthen parent-child relationships and the development of essential life skills. To enhance parenting capacities, we also conduct family coaching and parent-child workshops.

Strengthening Home-School Partnership

Both the home and the school environment have a significant impact on children. As a preschool-based model, we collaborate with partner preschools to support the children. We also support preschools in enhancing competencies and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. On the home front, our Social Work staff facilitate greater collaboration between families and schools.


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