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Circle of Care (CoC) is an integrated support system to uplift children from disadvantaged backgrounds. CoC was launched in 2013 as a preventive, preschool-based model that focuses on children’s development. As we come together to enable our children to grow and thrive, so will we.

CoC is a formal service offered by Care Corner Singapore to preschool operators. We believe that intervening through the preschool system provides the platform for effective intervention as it is children’s natural setting, where they spend hours at daily. Their journey with us starts from infancy through nine years of age, where we ensure timely and effective support. CoC partners pre-school organisations to deliver its holistic model at 19 pre-school sites.

Our services

Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)

This approach underpins the holistic CoC model where children and families are supported during their preschool and early primary school years, within an integrated network of an interdisciplinary team. An IDT comprises members from different disciplines working closely together, contributing knowledge and skills from their respective disciplines to support young children and their families holistically and in an integrated manner.

Holistic Child Development

CoC's various programmes focus on enhancing children’s holistic development, supporting children’s development in various aspects such as learning, health, social development, emotional development, and environment.

Primary School Transition Support

A child’s transition to Primary School is one of the first major transitions in a child’s life. It is a key opportunity for growth, and support rendered to children and their families during this period can go a long way. CoC works with parents, preschools, and primary schools to support the child’s transition.

Building Parenting Capacities and Life Skills

CoC draws upon evidence-based approaches such as Mind In The Making (MITM) to support positive parent-child attachment and the development of essential life skills. This is done through ongoing social worker engagement with families and various CoC programmes.

Enhancing Professional Development

We develop our partner preschools to enhance leadership competencies and strengthen communities of practice to promote interdisciplinary collaborations. This is done through structured training, learn-and-share sessions, dialogues, and seminars.

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