Adolescent Development in Education

(Ages 9 to 16) 

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Youths aged 9 to 16 spend a majority of their time in school. It is not just a place of study, but also socialisation, self-development and identify formation. Common challenges faced by them may include multiple stressors limiting their coping capabilities, and lack of resources for positive development and opportunities to build essential skills.


By collaborating with schools, parents and community partners, we deliver customised preventive programmes and school partnerships on an as-needed basis to equip students with the resources to fulfil their educational goals. We aim to  


  • Advocate for youths within the education system  

  • Identify students with risk factors and assist before onset of risky behaviors  

  • Provide targeted intervention for students where necessary 


Short to medium-term programmes  

We help develop life skills and strengthen coping capabilities among youth through our programmes.  


Long-term school partnerships   


An intervention programme that uses a creative medium to encourage self-expression in reconciling and to equip youths with skills to manage stressors in their personal development. 



A 4-year adolescent development programme that focuses on developing the executive function skills of youths in preparation for adulthood. 

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