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Care Corner Singapore celebrates our 40th anniversary this year.

In celebration of this milestone, we are launching a fundraising campaign for 5 special causes close to our hearts. 

Join us in "40 Days of Care" as we come together to forge new beginnings, give hope and show care to our beneficiaries in a tangible manner. Click to find out more about the causes. 

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Support Children Services

Providing brand new, better spectacles for 40 children from
low-income families  

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Support Seniors Services

Rehabilitating 10 seniors’ homes
into a safe and sanitary state

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Support Youth Services

Supporting 40 youths from low-income families with transport needs 

Support Mental Health and Counselling Services

Providing counselling services for 40 individuals (Caregivers / those affected by COVID-19)

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Support Family Services

Helping minor or transnational couple in need of emergency medical funds