IGNITERS Youth Centre

At IGNITERS Youth Centre, we provide a range of youth programmes and services that are designed to Engage, Empower and Enrich youths. We engage youth by providing a supportive and enabling environment that will help foster positive youth development. Our programs are designed to empower youths to help them achieve their potential and to enrich them with essential life skills and leadership competencies.

Youth Rangers

A leadership development programme targeted at community youths between 13 and 17 years old who are at low to medium risk of falling into juvenile delinquency. These youths may exhibit traits such as association with delinquent peers, low self-esteem, and lacking meaningful engagement at home and in school. Besides reducing the risk levels of these youths and preventing them from criminal offending, our programme aims to develop them into caring leaders with positive social and life skills who are able to contribute back to the local and overseas community in positive ways. >>click here

• Recharge Program

Recharge is a youth drop-in program, that aims to meaningfully engage youths during their free time. We provide a safe and inclusive space that allow youth to explore their interest and pick up new skills. Some activities and facilities which we have are

  • Sports and recreation (Frisbee and Badminton etc.)
  • Interactive activities (Boardgames, Play Station 4 etc.)
  • Facilities (Pool table, Computers, guitars etc.)

• Transition Program

The transition program is a program that engages Primary 6 students as they prepare to transit to enter secondary school. Programs are specially tailored to meet the developmental needs of pre-adolescent children. This program aims to equip pre-teens with essential life skills that will help them to navigate through their exciting teenage developmental years.

• Study Support

As part of holistic youth development. We provide a conducive environment for youths to receive support and assistance for their academic endeavours. During the sessions, Volunteers from tertiary institutes provide guidance and supervision for the youths.

For more information, please call or email us:
Tel: 6362 1066 / Email: IGNITERS@carecorner.org.sg


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