Jul 2008 - Educational Therapy Service

My son was having difficulty learning at school since primary one. He had difficulties understanding basic concepts of English and Math and concentrating during class. This resulted in his poor grades in school and low-self esteem despite concern and encouragement from his school teachers. He attended the Learning Support Programme in school which was designed for students like him. In primary three, he was diagnosed to have mild autism.

Three years ago, I enrolled my son in a one year therapy programme in a hospital to help him in his difficulty but still his condition did not improve.

Sometime last year when he was in primary four, the school collaborated with Care Corner Educational Therapy Service and offered us KidsBright programme to improve brain functioning of children with learning concerns. With recommendation from the school teacher, I enrolled him into this programme.

During the second term’s school examination this year, my son managed to pass his English subject for the very first time. It was a big improvement over what he has achieved previously. For his progress, he was praised by his school’s form teacher and that boosted his self-confidence. He was very happy to see his improved result recorded in his school report book and thus become more encouraged to study hard.

Throughout the past months in the KidsBright programme, I could see my son’s improvements in his schoolwork and attitudes in learning. I strongly recommend this programme to parents who have children with difficulties in learning and coping with their schoolwork.

Mdm Mas, Housewife
(July 2008)

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