Children embody the hopes and dreams of the future. In the face of the ever changing needs and demands of our society, our services are aimed at equipping every child with the right tools for them to dream big.

Services catering to children...

Child and Infant Care

Student Care

Educational Therapy Service

Programmes / Workshops:

Care Corner Family Service Centre (Queenstown)
  • Alpha-Zee
    The club offers children a creative and fun-filled learning environment.

  • Getaway!
    The club organises unique info-educational outings for children to expand their general knowledge.

  • Urban Bees
    The programme aims to Improve children's academic results by increasing their motivation to learn, sense of purpose and character through tuition and mentoring.
Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty)
  • Parenting with Confidence
    “Parenting with Confidence” workshops offer parent with children between the age of 0-5 , 6-12 and 13-19, a comprehensive learning experience on effective parenting skills. The programme unlocks the window to your children’s world and offers inspirational tips and knowledge to improve the communication channel between parent and child.
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