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Help the Poor & Vulnerable Get a New Start in Life

JUBILEE – A NEW BEGINNING! aims to garner support from donors and volunteers in helping poor and vulnerable in our community get a new start in life.

The programme's two-pronged approach aims to raise funds (i.e. the Jubilee Fund) to provide financial assistance to poor and vulnerable families with acute needs, especially those with household debts and arrears. Each qualifying applicant is eligible to receive up to $2,000 in a bid to give them an opportunity to start anew.

At the same time, we will train volunteers to take on the role of befrienders to these families thus ensuring that they receive on-going support through their challenging life situations.

Visit our dedicated website: www.jubilee.sg for more details!

Come play a pivotal role in helping the poor and vulnerable live more fulfilling lives!

Jubilee – A New Beginning!
We provide financial assistance to the poor & vulnerable to help them pay off household debts and arrears to give them a new start in life; while at the same time matching them with trained volunteer befrienders to ensure they receive on-going support.

Enquiries email: jubilee@carecorner.org.sg

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