Care Corner Family Service Centre (Tampines)

Care Corner FSC (Tampines) provides information and referral services for social services. Our centre provides casework services and groupwork programmes to individuals and families residing within our service boundary, in particular those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also engage in community work where we network and outreach to different community stakeholders and residents, organising various parts of our community towards partnerships and mutual help.

The following list a range of services and programmes we conduct in more detail.

Core Services
  • Information & Referral
  • Casework
  • Groupwork
  • Community Work
Programmes and Services
Kids Light Mentoring Programme
This programme supports children from challenging family backgrounds who have little parental guidance and who exhibit unhealthy coping behaviours. It is a mentoring programme which aims to introduce experiences which the children rarely encounter in their usual environments at home or at school. The coaching and mentoring approach of this programme allows the children to see their coaches as adult role models who believe in their potential and who are able to affirm them in their efforts made towards their own academic progress and in their peer relations. The programme allows the children to develop confidence and cope better using healthy behavioural strategies when they encounter future life challenges.

Single Mothers Support Group
We assist single mothers who have children age 12 and below and are struggling financially and emotionally. Often, they also experience challenges in providing care and parenting to their children single-handedly. The support group works on developing these mothers' self-identity, self-worth, tenacity through their coming together to render support and understanding towards one another through common experiences they share. Mothers share their strengths and networks with one another thus enhancing one another's resources.

Volunteer Development Programme ('VDP')
The VDP at the centre looks into identifying and partnering volunteers in delivering various aspects of our services. This includes: casework support for individuals and families, programme facilitation, community outreaches and skills-specific assignments.

The VDP appreciates our volunteers' gifts and talents and provides regular platforms for exchanges, engagement and development.

Service boundaries
Region: East
Tampines Changkat
Blocks 101 to 114, 124 to 127, 136 to 139, 272 to 299B
Blocks 301 to 307, 307A, 308 to 311, 311A, 312-316, 316A, 317 to 330, 330A, 331, 331A,
Blocks 332 to 340, 340A, 341 to 343, 345 to 351, 351A

Changi Simei
Blocks 101 to 168D, 221 to 235, 242 to 248, 253 to 256A
All Condominiums in Changi Simei

How to reach us:
Block 299B Tampines Street 22
#01-670 Singapore 522299
For enquiries on services or programmes:

Operating Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri:
Tue, Thur:
Lunch Time:
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays
9 am to 6 pm
9 am to 9 pm
1.00 pm to 2.00 pm


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