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'Transnational marriages' are cross-national/cross-cultural marriages between a Singaporean and a foreign spouse. The number of such marriages has increased over the past 10 years. Figures from the National Population and Talent Division show that there were 6,540 such marriages in 2013 as compared to 4,566 in 2003. Around eight in 10 transnational marriages were between Singaporean grooms and non-resident brides.

When faced with marital issues, family and financial challenges, transnational families often grapple with the uncertainty of the foreign spouse's ability to secure a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) and find suitable employment -- thus helping to contribute to the family finances.

In an announcement by the Government, Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will consider granting LTVP to such foreign spouses if there is greater clarity on whether they meet the qualifications. Full disclosure of both husband and wife in the joint application will help them get sufficient pertinent information about each other before marriage.

All transnational couples are encouraged to attend the 'Marriage Preparation Progamme' (MPP) and 'Marriage Support Programme' (MSP) conducted by Care Corner's Family Journey Programme (refer to 'Services' below).

Transnational couples who are already married may attend the 'Marriage Preparation Support Programme'(MPSP). Couples may wish to apply for a LTVP after they are married and have attended the MPP & MSP /MPSP.


  • To help Singaporeans and their foreign spouses prepare for cross-cultural marriage and learn how to overcome challenges brought about by differences in their backgrounds
  • To strengthen transnational marital relationships and increase the couple's self-efficacy in local social resources. Transnational couples in-need are matched with volunteer buddies who will help them be more familiar with and understand the practical aspects of Singapore culture and lifestyle

Marriage Preparation Programme ('MPP')
A 2.5-hour programme for transnational couples who electronically-file (e-file) their marriage at the Registry of Marriages. They may attend the MPP on the day they verify their documents and perform statutory declarations. Programme content includes: addressing Cross Cultural Marriages, Roles & Expectations, Managing Conflicts, Communication and Healthy Sex.

Marriage Support Programme ('MSP')
A one-day programme which couples attend after they have completed the MPP. This programme helps couples integrate into the new community. It covers appreciation of cultural diversity and differences, adapting to life in Singapore and knowing where local community resources are.

Marriage Preparation Support Programme ('MPSP')
A one-day programme to help married couples be more aware of issues facing transnational marriages and cultural differences, as well as strengthen their marital relationship and Increase couples' awareness of local social resources.

Friendship Programme
Transnational couples in need of support are matched wtih volunteer 'buddies'. These buddies will help the foreign spouse be more familiar with the living environment of Singapore and understand the practical aspects of Singapore culture and lifestyle.

Family Bonding Events
Family bonding for transnational families are encouraged through activities such as outings, festive celebration for couples and also life-skills groups for foreign spouses.

Programmes are available in English and in Mandarin

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