At CROSSROAD Youth Centre, we provide a range of youth programmes and services that are designed to engage and equip them with essential life skills and leadership competencies.We advocate a youth-centric social work practice aimed at supporting young people towards developing healthy self-concept and positive relationships in their lives.

As an Integrated Service Provider (ISP) appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in Oct 2016, CROSSROAD delivers a suite of youth-at-risk programmes such as Guidance Programme, Enhanced STEP-UP and Triage for the Woodlands and Sembawang region. This appointment helps to ensure a more coordinated approach in providing youth-at-risk programmes within our service boundary and to maintain consistency in service delivery and service standards to facilitate better outcomes for youth-at-risk.

• Enhanced STEP-UP

A year-long programme that aims to help students (below 21 years old) with attendance issues develop motivation and resilience to remain in school, as well as to out-of-school youth so that they can be meaningfully engaged through work or alternative education.

• Guidance Programme

A 6-month pre-Court diversionary programme that seeks to help children and youths, aged 10 to 18 years develop better self-control, take responsibility for his/her actions and acquire lifeskills with the active involvement of parents to reduce their risk of reoffending.

• Triage

Under the triage system, social workers interview youth under investigation for petty offences such as shop theft to assess their risks and needs. This is to assist investigating officers to make appropriate recommendations so that youths can be directed to appropriate intervention programmes in a more timely manner and to refer the youths or families for supportive services in the community when needed.

• Youth-At-Risk-Engagement (YARE)

YARE is a 6-month early intervention framework to support youth-at-risk using evidence-based or evidence-informed services and/or programmes. YARE engages youths who present traits like conduct issues, peer or family relationship issues, social difficulties, anti-social attitudes or behaviours and/or poor response to school intervention. CROSSROAD's YARE adopts a combination of group work sessions, sports mentoring, casework and family engagement to strengthen a youth's 3 core domains of achieve, connect and thrive.

Youth Rangers

A developmental programme geared towards building up youth leaders aged between 13 and 17 years old via character development, life skills equipping and service learning. >>click here

• Commitment-Performance-Attitude Academy (CAPA)

A sports-based social work intervention programme that aims to nurture youths between 12 to 23 years old into confident and caring individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the future. Sports offered in the academy include soccer and basketball. The teams train regularly on Saturdays mornings, with personal coaching by staff, and compete in youth league through the year.

• Youth Hub

Youth Hub provides a safe and inclusive space for young people to be meaningfully engaged and empowered, while the street outreach connects with youths in the community who might not have access to professional help. Programme includes drop-in facilities (Pool table, foosball, Playstation 4, board and card games and wifi-enabled computers), academic support, outdoor enrichment and lifeskills equipping.

• Counselling and Care

Professional counselling services for youths aged 12 to 21 years old to help them better manage adolescent transitions and challenges.

• School Social Work

School-based programmes that strive to help primary and secondary school students within Woodlands and Sembawang to develop positive values and lifeskills through talks, workshops and outdoor activities.

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