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Care Corner Centre for Co-parenting is among one of the four Divorce Support Specialist Agencies appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to provide divorce support services to divorcing and divorced parents with children below 21 years old.

Divorce, in most instances, tends to be a difficult and painful process. Many have experienced emotional turmoil and others may be traumatised in the process of divorce. Often, the parents and their children are struggling to cope and reorganise themselves in the face of such changes.

Coping can be made easier with appropriate interventions that help parents in making informed decisions on divorce and learning new skills to co-parent their children effectively.

Our Centre serves clients from all parts of Singapore, and we offer a range of support programmes for divorcing and divorced families. These forms of support serve as a kind of adjunct support during the transition of divorce and post divorce.

Our Mission is to promote the well-being of parents and children in divorce situations by encouraging the parents to adopt a child-centric approach in resolving conflicts.


Counselling creates space and provides an opportunity forboth parents and/or children to process the difficult issues their family may face as a result of a divorce.

For those who are separated, divorced or sharing custody of a child, the struggles of co-parenting can produce enormous stressors. Co-parenting, is the experience of raising children together when separation or divorce occurs.

Co-parenting counselling is an arrangement where both parents share responsibility for raising their child or children in a spirit that promotes cooperation, healing and growth.

Children in Between ('CIB')
CIB is a skills-based programme that will equip children and parents to manage their feelings and develop resilience in divorce situations.

  • The parent component, comprising 2 sessions (2 hours per session), highlights the ways in which children could be caught in the middle of their parents' emotional conflict.
  • The child component comprises of 3 sessions (2 hours per session) and offers age-appropriate activities that cater to the needs of primary and secondary school going children.

Support Group (Post-divorce Adjustment)
Enlivened Hearts Women's Support Group is a 4-session group work designed to help divorced women cope with the pain of divorce and to recover from the emotional trauma.

Care Corner Legal Clinic
This programme provides our existing clients, who are seeking general guidance on personal legal issues relating to divorce matters, with individual meetings with our volunteer lawyers for up to 30 mins of pro bono legal advice and consultation.

Volunteer Support Programme
Volunteers will assist us in areas of facilitating, child minding and administrative roles in various programmes conducted by the Centre.

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